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browning bar mk3 dbm

(9 customer reviews)



browning bar mk3 dbm

browning bar mk3 dbm, The roots of the Browning BAR run deep — going back to John M. Browning’s first design for the U.S. military during the First World War. The sporting BAR’s contemporary design offers shooters and hunters a lightweight semi-automatic rifle with refinements not present in the most popular modern sporting rifles, including a gas-piston design. The BAR MK 3 DBM customizes the BAR design to offer shooters a detachable box magazine with a magazine well instead of the standard hinged floor plate design.

Impressive accuracy and performance. Browning rifles consistently produce the most accurate shot groups in their class. This is due in large part to the quality of their barrels. The BAR is built around a hammer-forged barrel made in a thoroughly controlled and tested process.

Buy BAR MK 3 DBM, Wood Left-Hand

The browning bar mk3 dbm relies on a gas piston design to operate its lightweight action. The gas piston design mitigates shooter-perceived recoil and reduces excessive carbon residue that other modern gas-impingement designs vent into the moving parts of the action. Like most modern sporting rifles, the BAR utilizes a multi-lug rotary bolt, a component that allows for a lightweight alloy receiver.

Multipurpose 308 Winchester semi-automatic rifle with A-TACS LE camo. Gas-piston design. 18″ hammer-forged barrel. Detachable box magazine fed.

The browning bar mk 3 feels and handles like the purpose-built hunting rifle it is — lightweight, quick to shoulder and point. Add in the benefits of a well-designed semi-automatic, and you get quick follow-up shots and less perceived recoil than with your standard bolt-action hunting rifles.

  • Alloy receiver with integrated Picatinny rails for mounting optics
  • Non-reflective matte blued finish
  • Oil finish Grade II Turkish walnut stock
  • Alloy magazine well
  • Fluted barrel
  • 10-round detachable box magazine
  • Shim-adjustable for cast on/off and drop at comb
  • Inflex recoil pad
  • Includes ABS case

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243 Win • 20", 6.5 Creedmoor • 20", 308 Win • 20", 270 Win • 22"

9 reviews for browning bar mk3 dbm

  1. Marc

    I love how the gun handles, that it’s completely impervious to the elements with its synthetic/matte black finish and that its receiver is pre-fitted with Picatinny rails so scope mounting is a snap.

  2. Alex

    Personally, I feel this gun handles and hunts better than any AR-10 I’ve ever used. I am very impressed with this Piece, Thank you, Guys. Shipping was fast.

  3. Jesse

    For those rare times when I’m feeling like Tom Beringer in the movie Sniper and go for one shot, one kill, I just load one round. But for all other times (i.e. always) I stack the mag to the gills and feel much better about my chances in the real world…Perfect, I recommend getting yours.Good Price.

  4. Andre

    I’ll admit the 10-round magazine is perhaps overkill for most hunting situations, but I do like it for one specific scenario: for shooting as many wild pigs as possible in one ambush..Thank you Guys.

  5. Cliff

    Excellent Customer Service, Free shipping as well. I’m a big browning Fan. Cheers.

  6. Gerard

    I didn’t lose any sleep before reaching for the Browning BAR MK3 DBM. With an 18″ barrel and detachable 10-round magazine, this sub-7-pound .308 Win. the rifle is lean and mean

  7. Allan

    The thing is, the BAR’s short-stroke gas piston system, legit (meaning well-fitting and practical) buttstock, and 7.6-pound heft make it the lightest-recoiling rifle out there, so much that when chambered in a sweet shooter like .308 Win. I can often see the impact through the scope.

  8. Mike

    Glad I could order and Pay via Crypto Currency(Bitcoin), Very fast process. I just collected, I am extremest satisfied with the whole process.

  9. Steve

    Personally, I feel this gun handles and hunts better than any AR-10 I’ve ever used. I am very impressed with this Piece, Thank you, Guys. Shipping was fast.

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